Goal 1: By June 2014 there will be a 5% increase (64.7% to 69.7%) in the number of first year and/or cohort S students in the lowest 1/3 earning 10+ credits as measured by the 2013-2014 NYC Progress Report.
Goal 2: By June 2014, 100% of UAA teachers will create and implement common core aligned units that culminate in a performance-based assessment. All teachers will receive immediate feedback using the Danielson Teacher Framework for Teaching Rubric.
Goal 3: To increase by 3 percentage points, from 82.2% to 85.2%, the attendance percentage of all student as measured by ATS and NYC Progress report by June 2014.
Goal 4: To increase from 64.7% to 69.7% the number of first year and / or cohort S students in the lowest 3rd earning 10+ credits, as measured by a 5% increase on the New York City Progress Report by June/August 2014.

Goal 5: By June 2014, a 5% increase of parent involvement in school events and academic programs as measured by parent attendance and NYCDOE Survey.

UAA Student Government meeting with Principal Dorcely