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Foreign Language

The Foreign Language curriculum includes the four components of language instruction—speaking, reading, listening and writing—supported by practical suggestions for raising the proficiency level of the students. They are guided through a variety of communicative activities to expose them to the target language and lead them from structured practice to free expression. Instruction takes place through a thematic approach each month.
For the month of February, learners will identify, describe and compare family members, and the concept of family in Spanish-speaking countries. They will also express opinions about families, and family traditions / celebrations. Learners will ask and respond to questions about family life as well.
Additionally, they will identify, describe and compare food, drinks, and meal names. Learners will express opinions and give advice about food/drinks, flavors, etc. They will also compare and contrast Hispanic/American cuisine/dining traditions. Learners will apply vocabulary associated with ordering and describing foods/drinks at a restaurants/café. Finally, learners will demonstrate Novice-Mid to Novice-High proficiency in oral and written exchanges with respect to proper pronunciation, intonation, and writing mechanics.