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Parent Coordinator Corner

Sophia Williams, Parent Coordinator                                                                                                                                

Email: [email protected]                                                                                                                       

Telephone number: (718) 290-8720 ext. 1160 


I am Sophia Williams, the Parent Coordinator at Urban Action Academy. As I interact with my Urban Action Academy parents. It is my absolute pleasure to develop and foster a significant relationship between you, the parents, and our school. I am excited about that, and I thank you for it.

 I have a breadth of experience working within the New York City Public School System as a seasoned Parent Coordinator. It is a pleasure to support our families with the resources you need to ensure satisfaction for you, our parents, and the academic success of our students.  

I am the liaison between parents and the school.  You can be confident that I am available to support you with dignity and respect. 

I want UAA parents to know you are welcome at the school. I look forward to continuing to foster and develop a good partnership with you and offering you engaging workshops that will significantly benefit you. 

Urban Action Academy 2023-2024 Parent Conflict Resolution


A good relationship with your child’s teacher and school is a great starting point for handling any situation. A calm and positive approach is more likely to produce a positive outcome.  Any disagreement can be resolved peacefully. 

Steps to take: 

1. Speak Respectfully 
A) No matter what you think, it is important to speak positively and respectfully. 
B) Identify the problem 
C) Be clear and specific about the nature of the problem.


2. Go through the proper channels: 
A) Try talking directly to your child’s teacher.  If the issue is not resolved:
B)  Speak with M S. Williams, the Parent  Coordinator.  You will get a response to the issue within one school day. If this does not help you,
C)  Request a meeting with a school administrator.
D)  Speak with Ms. S. Williams, the Parent Coordinator, if you do not feel supported at this point.


3. All visitors (parents, guardians, etc.) must have a valid ID to enter the school premises