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About Us

Principal: Dr. Iris Garcia
Assistant Principals: Ms. Ronda Razak
                                     Ms. Ebony Green
The focus of Urban Action Academy is to provide students with a holistic college preparatory education that centers on themes of social justice and social action. Our academic program builds and strengthens our students' self-confidence by instilling a sense of civic-minded urgency in each student. Based on social issues they're passionate about, UAA students become public ambassadors and engage in local and broader community social action and change agents.

We are located within the Canarsie Educational Campus at 1600 Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn. 


Mission Statement
The mission of Urban Action Academy (UAA) is to provide one child at a time with a unique educational experience that empowers them with an "I Can" mentality to serve as community leaders and facilitate public discourse with self-confidence and humility. Our academic program is structured to teach students to harness the energy of self-confidence and reinforce the discipline of hard work. All students of UAA will graduate equipped with the knowledge , skills and personal choice to pursue college and/ or professional careers in public service. 
School Data
  • Find data on our school from NYC Schools here. This includes Student Population and Characteristics, School Conditions and Practices, and Student Achievement Outcomes. All data comes from the 2021-2022 school year.
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