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Guidance Corner

UAA Guidance Counselor, Ms. Christina Green
Guidance & Counseling Information

As Urban Action Academy's Counselor provides services to students that address their academic, personal/social and career development goals. Among those services are: 

  • Individual and small group curriculum planning and course selection
  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Individual and small group counseling in the areas of academic preparation and personal/social development, Crisis response services
  • Parent and community collaboration
Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the educational process of their child(ren).

At Urban Action Academy, we offer the following Advanced Placement (AP) courses:

Promotion Standards Chart

Use the chart below to determine the level of performance required for promotion at each level.

Current Grade Course Work Requirement Minimum Credits for Promotion Attendance
Grade 9 Successful completion of standards in academic subject areas 11 90%
Grade 10 Successful completion of standards in academic subject areas 22 (including 4 in English and 4 in Social Studies 90%
Grade 11 Successful completion of standards in academic subject areas 33 90%
Grade 12
Regents Diploma
Score 65 or above on 5 Regents Exams (including CC English, CC Math, Global History, U.S. History, and Science) 44 (including 4 credits/7 terms in Physical Education 90%
Grade 12
Local Diploma
Score 55 or above on the 5 Regetns Exams 44 90%

College Information & Application Handbook

Updated for the 2021 graduating class, this guide has information college planning, applications, guidelines for essay writing, asking for letters of recommendation, and more. Click to view (Right click to download).

College Planning Websites

  • Campus Tours ( View thousands of birtual tours and interactive college maps, along with colleg profiles and dditional information
  • College Search ‐ Fastweb ( Includes profiles of thousands of colleges, financial aid, and shclarship information, along with video tours.
  • CUNY Schools ( This is the main website associated with the City University of New York. Each CUNY School can be researched in depth, including campus virtual tours, college statistics, and much more.
  • FAFSA on the Web ‐ Federal Student Aid ( Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid online
  • Federal Student Aid ( Topics include "How to Prepare for College," "Applying for Aid," "Who Gets Aid?," "FAFSA Apply for Aid," and "Repay Your Loans"
  • Official Student College Planning Tools from the College Board( for colleges by type, location, campus, major, sports, and more. This site also provides step-by-step advice and interactive tools to help you start navigating the college planning process, career information, and financial aid information
  • SUNY ‐ The State University of New York (}: Information, online applications, and links to all of the SUNY campuses throughout the state.
Student Tasks

Students: Tick off these tasks as soon as possible!

  • Register to take the SAT or ACT for the fall if you did not take them in your junior or senior year. Make sure to register for the SAT by the deadline.
  • Start to think about any teachers you had this year that you could ask for a letter of recommendation.
  • Make sure you know what the requirements are for the schools you want to apply for. This will prepare you to start applications early in your senior year.
  • Start getting organized! You will receive a lot of mail from colleges/ universities! Only keep the information from the schools that you are interested in attending. Make sure the school is a good fit for you.
  • Visit some colleges! If you can't travel, stay right here in NYC! There are plenty of colleges for you to see close to home.
  • Do something fun before school starts! Your senior year will be a busy year!
            2020 College Tour