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For the Classroom
  • Student Profile: Use this site for information from all of your students, including marking period grades, Regents scores, daily attendance, class schedule, and contact information for parent/guardians. Be sure to check the box every time you log in! Uses your DOE login.
  • SESIS: This site contains the IEP for all eligible students that you teach. Be sure to check regularly to ensure that we are providing appropriate services. Requires DOE login information, but read the information on how to login!
  • STARS Classroom: Get your class rosters, perform roster verification, and see the number of absences for students in your class only. DOE login.
  • ZipGrade: A nice (and sometimes slightly frustrating)platform for creating answer sheets for assessments that allow sheets to be scanned using your phone/tablet/iPad camera. This performs item analysis for you. Create your own account.
  • Parent Contact Log: Utilizes Google Forms for you to enter your parent calls online for all staff to see. 
For You
  • DOE Email
  • Payroll Portal: Your location to view and print pay stubs, apply for differentials or step increases, sign up for direct deposit and more. Requires DOE login information, along with either Employee ID or File Number (EIS ID).