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  • My name is Osaziuwa Vanessa Eghaghe, and I’m the student body President. As President, I work with students to resolve some problems they might have, inform the school administration of ideas, and discuss them with the student body. Also, planning events that contribute to school spirit and student government is the student body's voice.
  • My name is Kayla Clayton. I am the student body Secretary. My job is to handle correspondence, maintain notes and reports, and arrange and make sure everything is organized and in order.
  • My name is Leila Clesca, and I am the student body's vice president. My responsibilities include making sure everyone is on task, arranging student surveys, collating data with staff and students, and the rest of our student body to help make things happen.
  • Hello, my name is Joseph but call me Joe. I am the student government Treasurer. I chose this role because I wanted to become an entrepreneur, and I believe this role can help me build up my dream.